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Skull about now. I told you guys to stay away from the heads--remember? I guess we sorta got carried away, Charlie said, matching Billy Ray's snicker. Come on, Big-n-ugly, he motioned for his sparring partner to join him at the side of the practice area to hammer together some more swords from the stack of raw materials piled there. Charlie watched Nate turn back to another pair buy youtube views of fighters, Jason and Matti, going at it. Damned if he don't act like that drill instructor I had back in boot camp. The little runts both act like bantam roosters struttin' around. I never realized Nate had such a cocky side to him. Hey, you gonna gimme a hand with these? Charlie turned back to join Billy Ray in sorting through long and short pieces of wood to be nailed together. When they had usable weapons, again, though, Charlie felt less like resuming sword practice than he had since Nate had first begun the sessions almost a week ago. Nate's words were still sitting in Charlie's gut, turning sour and beginning to spoil his whole day. He knew it came right down to having his feelings hurt by a scolding from someone he had considered a friend. Of buy youtube views course, he'd never admit that to anyone, especially Billy Ray. Meanwhile, he'd have himself a good sulk. Let's take ten or so, Charlie said as he tossed his new sword on the ground beneath one of the few remaining shade trees. Wouldn't mind one o' your beers, either. Billy Ray grabbed a couple of warm cans from a bag at the base of the tree and tossed one to Charlie. I think The Judge was a little surprised when I come walking in with a coupla cases, the other day. He sure didn't have no problem downin' one, neither. I told him youtube you'd be the one to find it if there was any left in town. It was warm and fizzy, but it was all Charlie could do to keep from chugging the whole yahoo thing down at once. Damn, why'd Nate have to go and act like that? He didn't have to make a fool of Billy Ray last week, neither. I bet he thinks he's really something for getting to a man twice his size like he did and not getting his ass stomped. Hell, Billy Ray never went after a man with an axe handle, before. How's he supposed to know how to use it except for chopping wood? Charlie glanced over at Billy Ray who was just finishing his own beer buy youtube views with long, slow swallows. youtube With a loud burp and a grin, Billy Ray dropped his crushed can into the bag. 'Course, if the big dummy hadn't started walking off, he never woulda got taken to task like he done. He shoulda given Nate the chance to show us how to use his staffs. And I suppose he didn't really hurt Billy Ray, not like I guess he coulda done. From what Matti told us about the way he handled that mob when she buy youtube views met him, I guess the old guy really buy youtube views does know something about fightin'. Hard to picture the scrawny little guy really tearin' into someone like she said and actually goin' for the jugular. Don't know if I could do it. Well, maybe if I was really fightin' for my life--or Vonnie's. Yeah, I'd do it for sure if someone threatened Vonnie. And, I know how to do it, now, too. With a quarterstaff or a sword. After what Nate showed... With his eyes closed as he rested his back